How'd your legislator do? Check the Scorecard.

Carla Axtman

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters has released their 2011 Scorecard for the legislative session. This is your opportunity to see how your legislators voted on key environmental related policy issues.

Some standout stuff:

Senator Jackie Dingfelder was made the 2011 Environmental Champion of the Year for championing the reform of Oregon's Bottle Bill, the banning of BPA and for helping to send a number of bad bills to the legislative dustbin.

Senators Mark Hass, Jason Atkinson and Brian Boquist were given the Perseverance Award for their outstanding work to ban plastic bags and BPA. The cross-aisle work by Hass and Atkinson is especially noteworthy, given how contentious things are between GOP and Dems in the current political climate.

Rep. Jules Bailey was named Innovator of the Year for a lot of great work on promoting investment in green energy projects including one to retrofit Oregon schools. He also teamed up with Rep. Vicki Berger to overhaul the way the state invests in green energy development.

Senate President Peter Courtney and Senator Richard Devlin were basically badass environmental leaders on a whole host of stuff--pushing back on major attacks against anti-environmental legislation and were awarded Watchdogs of the Year.

Representatives Vicki Berger and Ben Cannon were named Dynamic Duo of the year. They earned this honor by shepherding Oregon's Bottle Bill reforms through the Oregon House.

You should also check out the good bills that didn't make it and the horrible bills that died a well-deserved death.

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    Guess who scored DEAD last in the Democratic caucus? That is right, the big boob himself - ethically challenged, corporate Democrat Rep. Mike Schaufler!

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    I lost a great deal of respect for OLCV during the 2010 campaign when they took part in a shameful and dishonest campaign to smear Frank Morse, calling him one of the 12 worst environmental legislators in the country when their own scorecards showed that he wasn't even one of the worst in Oregon. People trust OLCV to give an honest accounting on environmental issues, and that kind of thing goes by the wayside when they act like they are nothing more than the campaign arm of a political party. They did a much better job with this scorecard, and I would hope that the trend continues into the 2012 election cycle.

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      On the 2009 scorecard, Morse scored 26%. Only 8 of the 30 senators had a worse scorecard percentage than he did. As a matter of mathematical logic, That qualified him as one of the worst environmental legislators in Oregon. You would have to look at Morse's leadership to decide if he was really one of the worst in the country.

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    Couldn't read the scorecard because I wasn't looking to give them my email address and be forced to send a message to my legislator with a robo-email form in order to get it.

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