Occupy Wall Street comes to Portland

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As you've probably heard by now, there's a growing crowd of protestors gathering on Wall Street.

The video here is a floor speech from Congressman Peter DeFazio yesterday in which he calls the Occupy Wall Street movement "the American Awakening" - and notes that the protestors, many of them young people, "have had their future stolen from them" by Wall Street speculators.

I think these young people, and the others that are joining them, get it. They may not be totally focused, but they know that this isn't a country that gives them a fair shot at the American Dream anymore.

Meanwhile, today there is an Occupy Portland march that will be taking place at noon. Participants will be assembling at Waterfront Park (just south of the Burnside Bridge.) See OccupyPortland.org for more information.

Mayor Sam Adams held a press conference to discuss the city's efforts to create a space for a peaceful demonstration. Video here.

Will you be attending Occupy Portland? What are you hoping is the message of the demonstration?

On the jump, a twitter feed for #OccupyPortland.


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