OR-1: City Club Debate today

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Shortly after noon today, the Portland City Club will be hosting a debate between the major Democratic candidates for the first congressional district. It will air on OPB radio this evening at 7 p.m.

If you're in attendance, or listening on the air, join in the conversation by posting comments here at BlueOregon - or by tweeting. Be sure to include the #or1 hashtag to be included in the stream. (I'll be livetweeting, but a bit slowly, as I'll be using my phone.)

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Brad Avakian's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    My view is that the questions were all very predictable and not exactly controversial and that all of the candidates did just fine although Avakian and Bonamici are a step above Witt. I doubt that anyone's opinion of any of the candidates was changed.

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    Also, I was disappointed that all three of the candidates responded to the "what can be done about the gridlock in DC?" with answers about how they can work with Republicans. I wish one of them said the gridlock was a result of the Republicans and the only solution is to get a Democratic House and keep the Senate. The problem is not equally the fault of both parties.

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      Well, your answer (which would be my answer too) is an analyst's answer. All three of these folks are candidates and reasonably interpreted the question as "what would you do about it?"

      All three discussed their ability to work across the aisle. Avakian was the only one to acknowledge that sometimes that's not the answer - saying that sometimes, in defense of progressive values, he would "throw the knockout punch."

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