Bonamici versus the Chameleon

Les AuCoin

Let's frog-walk this fibbing flip-flopper right out of the First District.

I've been watching Rob Cornilles' schtick against Suzanne Bonamici from here in Bozeman, MT, where I live in retirement to be close to my granddaughters. Trust me when I say the odor of Rob's candidacy has wafted all the way to these parts.

I teed off on this little poser at my modest shop, The Les AuCoin Blog, this morning for one reason. Having represented Oregon 1st Congressional District for 18 years, I want to help frog-walk this fibbing flip-flopper right out of contention.

Besides the stuff you'll find at my place, last Sunday's KATU-TV debate between the candidates made these things crystal clear: Bonamici is against Citizens United's unlimited, undisclosed corporate campaign spending and Cornilles is not; Bonamici will be a target of a tsunami of such spending and Cornilles will not; Bonamici will work to end Bush tax cuts for the 1% and Cornilles will not; Bonamici--in the tradition of the progressive First District--will oppose the Tea Party and Cornilles will not.

Wayne Morse said the following to me on my way to taking this seat in Congress for the Democrats for the first time since statehood. He said, "Young man, always remember who you are. The man (sic) who can't is truly dangerous."

Bonamici knows who she is, and she's exceptional. If you read my blog, you'll see, once again, that Cornilles is a little man who is happy to be whoever he thinks he needs to be. I'm going to do what I can from here to stop him, because Wayne Morse is watching. Question: what will you do?

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    Content note: Les, Kari, the link to is broken and should be:

    Les, thanks for posting. I don't live in OR-1, but I'm sure looking forward to having Bonamici in Congress.

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      Thanks, Jay. You could still send her a couple of bucks a month, like Sue and I are. A few shekels a month from small contributors will help Suzanne offset the wave of corporate money that will came in against her.

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      I think I fixed the link. Thanks.

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        Congressman AuCoin,

        While I disagree as to whether Rob Cornilles will or will not oppose the Tea Party, I wanted to thank you for not explicitly tying him to the Tea Party as some here have attempted to do. Rob Cornilles is no more Tea Party than you are.

        God bless,

        Geoff Ludt

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          Rob Cornillus himself saying he's attended the Tea party meetings for "months and months and months"

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            You'd say you've been to Tea Party meetings too if you were trying to get their vote. The fact is that when he ran against Wu, TWO Tea Party aligned candidates ran against him in the primary and split the vote. He got the primary win but, most likely would not have had one of those Tea Party aligned candidates dropped.

            I founded the Oregon Tea Party, I know what I'm talking about.

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              Hey Geoff, Do you get a check from the Koch Bros or is it laundered by Americans for Prostituitionary? Where are you on the 7.7 BILLION DOLLARS Hanky Panky Paulsen and the Bushies gave to the Banks before the TARP Bailout? Do you think we might tax the 13 Billion Bucks they stole as profits from our tax bucks? DUH?

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    Independent Party has massive turn out, 56 votes for Bonamici and 31 votes for Cornilles out of 12,000 registered Independent voters in District #1. Whoopie!

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    Congratulations to Senator Bonamici on winning our party's nomination. We look forward to working with our next congresswoman as well as the party's other Federal nominee - Jeff Merkley - on pushing back against Citizen's United.

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    Well Folks, I hate to rain but I'm a little worried that we might be sending another Lawyer to DC that has all the makings of another stand up for nothing Dem politician like most of the rest except Merkley and Defazio. We need people that will push Status Quobama away from Wall Street and Susan is certainly a good person but is short on the outrage and long on the purpose of the American Justice systems protection of the power of CAPITAL!

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