Dave Lister offers nothing regarding the Mayor's race

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So, this past week The Oregonian granted this latest waste of space to the ramblings of Dave Lister, self-proclaimed "east side guy" who supposedly is a business owner or something. As such, he has taken it upon himself to represent that viewpoints of business owners in the editorial page of The Oregonian, and in the process helping lend credence to the paper's derisive nickname "The Daily Zero."

Wow, Dave. "Economy and jobs deserve a place in the discussion?" Incredibly insightful. Never mind the fact that economy and jobs are being listed by each candidate as priority numeral uno, for some reason Dave just hasn't been hearing this shared message that is being continually repeated by Eileen Brady- the focus of Lister's piece- Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith. Thanks for providing an opinion piece to inform us all that the candidates should be doing something that they are all ready doing. Good on ya, Dave.

Also, you gotta love this line: "In a town where too many view business as bad and profit as evil..." You see, to Dave the only thing that counts as "business" are mega-huge big box stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot. And if Portland opposes the siting of these stores, then the city must obviously view business as "evil." Never mind that everywhere you turn- as Brady points out to him- there are small businesse ownerss and entrepreneurs carving a niche for themselves. Which they are only able to do because Portland isn't yet drowned in a sea of big box retail stores. I mean, consider the Occupy Portland message- or at least its message when it started some weeks back. Which was clearly about the ability to get a decent-paying job and have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. How can Occupy Portland both be pro-job creation and yet also be anti-business?

Clearly, it makes no sense. In other words, a typical piece by Dave Lister. I'm (not really) looking to his latest waste of space coming out later this week...

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    well, it's wasted space unless you're Brady or a supporter. in which case it's a positive piece. i'm not a Lister fan, but i am an Eileen supporter (and part-time staffer). so i kind of like it.

    perspective & opinion. not fact.

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