Mayor 2012: Mike Reese announces he's running (I guess?)

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On Tuesday next week, a coalition of labor organizations is hosting a debate between the candidates for Mayor. Jefferson Smith, Charlie Hales, and Eileen Brady have been confirmed attendees for quite some time now.

But the Portland Tribune is reporting that debate organizers have invited Portland Police Chief Mike Reese to participate - and he's apparently accepted.

From the Tribune:

Police Chief Mike Reese will apparently take part in a forum for the major candidates in the Portland mayor’s race next week, even though he has not formally announced his candidacy.

“He’s definitely interested and we have decided to include him,” says Jim Forquer, president of the Portland Firefighters Association, which is co-sponsoring the forum with a number of labor organizations, including the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Building Trades Council.

(An overlooked tidbit: WW reported yesterday that he asked to be included in the debate.)

Participating in a candidate debate? In my book, that makes you a candidate.

No word yet on when Chief Reese will make it officially official. Presumably that will take a bit of planning, as I'm sure that Mayor Adams won't want a long vacancy at the top of the Portland Police in the midst of the Occupy Portland encampment.

Update: Stranger and stranger. Willamette Week reports that Reese is now doing a meet-and-greet with the bowtie set at the Arlington Club.

On Wednesday night, WW has learned, Reese will appear at a meet-and-greet at the Arlington Club, the exclusive downtown social club that is the polar opposite of Occupy Portland.

And I'm not even sure what to make of this:

Some organized labor groups have been very supportive of the Occupy Portland crowd but you can bet if Reese's subordinates have not sent the Occupiers packing by Wednesday night, Reese will face some tough questions from the Arlington Club crowd. The mounting drumbeat of police reports and expressions of concern from City Hall suggests he'll be able to present potential campaign supporters on Wednesday with the news they want to hear.

I had a positive reaction to Chief Reese's appointment, especially given his comments about the role of the Portland Police as first responders in the mental health crisis. I trust that his decisions regarding Occupy Portland aren't going to be colored, as Willamette Week suggests, by his political aspirations.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Eileen Brady's website. I speak only for myself.

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    Just updated the post with the WW link above from yesterday, and the WW link below about the Arlington Club appearance.

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    If the polling data that has been released is any indication, he will be a very formidable candidate.

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      not necessarily. the polling was done after he'd received a ton of free media from the local news speculating about him running. and he was on a ton of radio talking about it. not to mention, we don't know much about his policies on the economy, schools, the environment, the CRC, East Portland, bicycles, etc etc. he might be formidable; he might split a part of the electorate with Hales; who knows?

      and when the public realizes he's getting to be police chief - a public employee - while campaigning, they not react favorably. using his job as a campaign ad isn't very cool.

      (i do video & social media work for the Brady campaign. i speak here for myself only. well, and those who agree with me....)

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    Kari, Sam Adams has announced Occupy Portland must be out by Sunday. We will know how Chief Reese handles that situation prior to his meeting with the Arlington Club.

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    Sure, T.A. But the polling also comes several weeks after all the other candidates announced, filed and started raising and spending money. I know what you mean, though, about some candidates losing their initial appeal after their positions on issues become known and after they start facing the scrutiny that accompanies a race for office. Rick Perry is somehow the first example to come to mind...

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