Michael Moore at Occupy Portland

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Yesterday afternoon, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore appeared at Occupy Portland. In his comments, Moore called Occupy Portland "friggin' awesome" and said that Occupy Portland was the largest Occupy demonstration he'd been to in the country.

Here's more from KOIN-6's Toshio Suzuki:

Calling Portland "the seat of our new Democracy," filmmaker Michael Moore continued his book and Occupy movement tour, speaking to a crowd Monday at Terry Schrunk Plaza downtown.

Wearing shorts, hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap, Moore spoke at the Occupy Portland movement's newest venue, which is directly to the south of the main encampment and just across Madison Street. It is also just across the street from city hall.

The Occupy movement is six weeks old and spreading like wildfire across the country, said Moore, who favorably compared Portland's effort to larger cities like New York and Los Angeles.

"This is happening everywhere and it can't be stopped--it's only going to grow," said Moore.

Video by the Portland Mercury's Sarah Mirk, who has a recap here.



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