OR-1: All the latest from Bonamici & Cornilles

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The race for Oregon's first Congressional District is off and running. Here's a bit of what's been going on:

Now, crazy things can happen in special elections - and this one is going to come on the heels of whatever insanity is the result of the supercommittee deliberations back in Washington. And that's all the more true since Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and their pals will be looking to test their 2012 messages in Oregon (where right-wingers have long test-marketed their messages) with millions of bucks in attack ads.

So, we're all going to have to work hard to get out the vote in OR-1 -- and make sure that Suzanne Bonamici has the resources she needs to build a grassroots campaign and compete on the airwaves. So head on over to ActBlue and chip in to help Bonamici launch her general election campaign. No, really, do it right now.

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    So the next time the Democrats propose increased spending on programs like education, or home health care, but not at a level sufficient to cover increases in inflation and population, will the Republicans admit it's a cut?

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