Kate Brown runs for Secretary of State; Bruce Starr to run for Labor Commissioner

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Yesterday, the 2012 campaigns for Secretary of State and Labor Commissioner got a bit more clarity.

Secretary of State Kate Brown announced in an email to supporters that she intends to run for re-election. That ended any speculation that Brown would run for Attorney General now that John Kroger is out.

The Daily Astorian excerpts her statement:

"I'm proud of the work I've done for the people of Oregon," Brown said. "As Secretary of State, I've cracked down on fraud and abuse in the ballot initiative process, I've audited State agencies to identify over $180 million dollars in taxpayer savings and I've fought to ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to cast their ballot in our elections."

Her full statement is on her website.

Meanwhile, Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) told the O's Jeff Mapes yesterday that he intends to announce tomorrow that he's running for Labor Commissioner, presumably against incumbent Brad Avakian.

Call me crazy, but when you tell the leading political reporter at the state's biggest daily that you're announcing on Friday, well, that's the announcement. Nothing like stepping on your own story.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Kate Brown's and Brad Avakian's campaign websites. I speak only for myself.

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    I'm just tapping my foot and looking at my watch until Kate runs for Governor. If she needs to be SOS for awhile until then, I suppose I can wait. I suppose.

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    I don't know who is running for AG, but once more I want to express my admiration for how John Kroger has managed his position. He truly understands providing justice for all Oregonians.

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    I ran four times for four different Public offices! Each time I was cheated by our unscrupulous lawmakers! My name was NOT on the ballot! Each time I file a complaint with the secretary of the State, BOLI, DOJ, ACLU, $PLC,OSB,HUS, etc.. my complaint gets dismissed!! in 2008 I ran for Lane county Commissioner N. Seat. My name was not on the ballot as usual and to add injury to insult. I was kicked out of the designated area for the candidates in the Fairground at the Primary night!! I filed a complaint. Secretary of the State Kate Brown dismissed my Complaint!!!

    In 2003 I ran for LCC Board. I got 48.9%! I found out just a month ago on R.G blog through the wife of Jay Bozievich arguing by informing me, that that my score was 45% instead of 48.9% Evidently the unscrupulous/criminal lawmakers defrauded me too!! 2005 I ran for the 4J School Board: www.nadiasindi.blogspot.com I was the FIRST one in the West Coast who used the Blog system to in promote and introduce my candidacy!! I was going to be killed. This is the first time I've leaned that my name was not on the Ballot!! 2008 I ran for Lane County Commissioner N.Seat! My name was not on the ballot I was called Sand N.. by most of the progressive/peace movement and some of the unscrupulous officials treated me with imperialistic contempt as subhuman!! Paraded by the L.C Bus Project. I was dismissed to be part of the Obama's delegate!! 2010 I ran for City Council N.District. Mayor Piercy dismissed my candidacy for the first day! Piercy ignored me all the time in public places. Treated & put me in my place as a Sand N.in the Million March Mom! I was not welcome or invited to be recognized as a candidate!!

    Now, I'm running again for Lane County Commissioner N. Seat!!

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