OR-1: Bonamici's on the air for the general election (updated)

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Suzanne Bonamici has launched the first TV ad of the special general election. Check it out.

Meanwhile, the National Journal reports that the DCCC has started airing an independently-funded ad attacking the Republican nominee, Rob Cornilles.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is buying television advertising in Oregon's First Congressional District, an indication that the race to sew up ex-Rep. David Wu's old seat may not be in the bag.

The Democratic ad attacks businessman Rob Cornilles (R) for alleged ties to the tea party movement, a theme that Democrats have been hammering throughout the special election. The ad buy will run beginning Thursday through the weekend, at a cost of $124,280 -- a significant investment in the Portland media market.

"In this environment, we're not taking anything for granted especially when the Republican is an untrustworthy self-funder who is trying to rewrite his extreme Tea Party positions," a DCCC spokeswoman said.

Updated: Here's the DCCC IE ad...


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