Salem and Vancouver Get In on the Self-Spoofing Action

Evan Manvel

It's good to see the adroit Portlandia see a second season. Every now and then a friend of mine gleefully announces she's seen Fred and Carrie shooting around the city.

Perhaps even more exciting is seeing citizens take self-deprecation into their own hands.

"Dream of the Suburbs - Vancouveria" (above) is making the rounds. It's a sharply produced three-minute playful jab at Vancouver, including a slam on the CRC highway mega-project and a woman who struggles to stop smiling as she dances in the background.

Salemia, which has less production value but remains impressive, has two full episodes. They tackle the Salem/Keizer conflict, big box protests where two women protest Trader Joe's with Patrick Swayze signs - "those greedy corporate greedy corporate ..." and, my favorite, a fabulous break up with a sister city in Africa.

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    I love the Vancouveria satire. It should be well received here in Portland, but I wonder if it works in the rest of the U.S.? Will they get it? Will it make Vancouver, WA more famous?


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