OR-1: Bonamici Wins!

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It's official. Suzanne Bonamici has been elected to represent Oregon's 1st Congressional District. Congratulations to the Congresswoman-elect, her family, and her entire team.

The AP reports that Bonamici leads Cornilles 54 to 39, with 69% of the expected vote counted.

Update, 9:15 p.m.: DPO chair Meredith Wood Smith noted some very impressive numbers in a post-victory statement:

Our grassroots volunteers logged 2,282 shifts, and with our field organizers placed 315,109 calls and knocked on 142,209 doors across the 1st Congressional District. In Suzanne Bonamici, Northwest Oregon has elected the champion it deserves.

Update, 10:55 p.m.: From Bonamici's statement:

I am truly honored to represent such an important, diverse and dynamic district – and in that representation, I will always put the needs of people before politics. It’s just who I am. I look forward to working on our shared priorities: getting Oregonians back to work, helping our businesses get the capital they need to grow, investing in education and job training and assuring we have strong, balanced consumer protection laws to help us recover from the financial crisis. ...

I hope we can take from this election a shared desire to move past obstructionist party politics and back to the small “r” republican idea of representative government and the small “d” democratic idea of serving our common good. Our country and this district deserve nothing less.

Here's a stream of all the twitter chatter:

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