Rob Cornilles jumps the shark

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OK, I'll give credit where credit is due. This is a little funny.

A little weird and creepy, too, but that's clearly part of the gag.

I won't describe the video in detail. You just have to watch it. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Here's what I don't get: There's all kinds of mentions here about Stephen Colbert running in South Carolina. Doesn't Team Cornilles know that South Carolina was, like, forever ago? Today is Florida. I guess we can excuse them for not paying very close attention.

But they're obviously not going to get any "Colbert bump" -- the earliest that Colbert can mention Cornilles is on tonight's show, which airs first at 11:30 p.m. Eastern, a half-hour after polls close here in Oregon.

Cute video. Shows some gumption. Kind of a weird thing to make the very last thing that voters remember about a short-lived and unsuccessful political career.

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    Seems like a decent candidate for hacks vs. flacks, if he ever gets to be a hack.

    But given the turnout numbers, I think we're in for a party tonight at EcoTrust.

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    Now Rob and I have something in common: we both can be wringers for Colbert.

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    I agree - mildly amusing, and extra credit for chutzpa. Still, silly timing.

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    I found it more than a little funny. But yes: why do it NOW instead of, oh, a week or two weeks ago?

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      Actually, it was uploaded on Wednesday the 25th. Still too late for the South Carolina gag to work, but it hasn't gotten much circulation (4100 views) over the past week.

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    I suspect this will be Mr. Cheddar's "Tiger Suit" moment. Only hardly anybody will notice.

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    I give the guy credit - it's pretty darn good. He seems to have SC's style and inflections down, and I'm not going to nit-pick the timing - 'had to have taken a little time to produce. While it may not do much for his campaign, I think most candidates (yes, GOP folk, too) deserve to have a little, maybe cathartic, fun.


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