WaCo: Andy Duyck's Enemies List

Carla Axtman

Looks like we've got ourselves a little Nixonian fiefdom brewing out here in Washington County.

Dana Tims, The Oregonian:

Washington County Commission Chairman Andy Duyck is cleaning house when it comes to dissident voices, even those piping up on seemingly insignificant advisory committees, say some citizens removed from such groups.

From the county's planning commission and citizen representation at Metro to seemingly unrelated venues such as the Washington County Farm Bureau, some citizen representatives say that disagreeing with Duyck means risking immediate removal.

"Andy Duyck is trying to orchestrate things to suit his own goals," said Matt Pihl, whose ouster from a rural roads advisory committee Tuesday followed his booting last month from the county's fair board. "In my case, it's nothing but retribution for not toeing the line."

Multiple individuals from across Washington County are complaining that Duyck is orchestrating a systematic dismissal from boards and committees because they don't support Duyck's agenda. Nixon himself couldn't do better.

Duyck of course, denies the charges. Last month, Duyck also denied to me that Washington County staff who were doing personal advocacy on their own time were at risk of losing their job. Multiple sources had informed me to the contrary and Duyck was angry at me for not giving his word more weight than those sources. It's all a partisan plot to make him look bad. Or something.

More from Tims:

This week's removal of Pihl, along with Cornelius farmer Dave Vanasche, from the rural roads advisory committee is only the latest instance of pressure exerted by Duyck and other elected officials in the county to silence naysayers, critics say.

They list other recent attempts to squelch citizen voices at the Washington County Fair Board, the Washington County Farm Bureau, the county's planning commission and citizen representation on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee, or MPAC, which advises the Metro Council on issues such as land-use and transportation.

In the most recent case, Duyck said he emailed the Pihl and Vanasche asking them to contact him prior to a meeting this week to discuss an apparent rift. When neither responded, Duyck said he had no choice but to conclude that they weren't serious about continuing their unpaid service.

"I can't have people on committees who are unwilling to talk to me," he said. "That's it in a nutshell. What this simply comes down to is people trying to justify their own bad behavior."

"....justify their own bad behavior?" Seriously?

Let me see if I have this straight:

The Washington County Farm Bureau was cleared out of all the leaders who didn't support Andy Duyck's position on the Urban & Rural Reserves. (And now Andy's father is the new President--just a coincidence, I'm sure).

The Washington County Fair Board disagrees with Duyck's position on the use of the land at the Fairgrounds and their power to oversee the property and it's uses evaporates. That power is then handed over to others that--gasp!--are pretty much willing to to what Duyck wants.

Basic advisory committees that are supposed to include local citizens are keeping out those whose opinions are in dissent with Duyck.

Somewhere there must be a massive room in Washington County where all the "Let's Get Andy" riff-raff are holding their monthly meetings, plotting to subvert his beautiful Shining County On A Hill. It can't possibly be that Duyck has run roughshod over citizens for the last year and tried to tear the throat out of any true citizen involvement.

Yeah. There's some bad behavior being justified. Andy Duyck need only look into the mirror to find the culprit.

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    Good grief. It's amazing what a little power can do to some people.

    Carla, any chance of him being recalled? If not, when's the next time he can be voted out?

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      All good questions, Mel. I don't know the answers yet. Maybe someone else will chime in with that knowledge..?

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        Maybe if you could demonstrate some of that personal corruption which you allege. The guy may well be a weasel, I have no idea, except for the behavior that you describe. On that point I have no reason to doubt you. Still it's a long way from autocratic behavior, rudeness, and paranoia to "corruption":

        "Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

        Cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain."

        Not just trolling here. It's a matter of pride with me to hail from the state rated by The Daily Beast st the least politically corrupt in the nation.

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          I'm not seeing in this piece where I've accused Duyck of "personal corruption". If you got that from reading this--then maybe that's what you gleaned yourself.

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            I didn't get it from this article, but I did get it from your plain words elsewhere and recently. No gleaning was required.

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              I see. So private conversations to which you are privy aren't. Got it.

              It is my opinion that Duyck is a corrupt jackass. Is his motive financial or personal gain? I don't know. At the very least, these moves serve to solidify and expand his personal power.

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        Duyck was elected in 2010 and won easily even though polling was showing him running behind. Until the day of the election, most of us though we had him beat. Funding and volunteers for this race were difficult, partly because the Governnor's race was so highly visible. Duyck will have to run for reelection in 2014 but he may be sick of it by then.

        A recall would be difficult. It would take more than 28,000 signatures gathered in 90 days as well as enough money and volunteers to do it. I'm pretty sure Duyck is safe from this option unless he votes for an LNG terminal or NG pipeline.

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    Interestingly, the two dismissed commission members are Republicans. Guess being a member of his party isn't enough to protect you from the wrath of Duyck.

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