HD-48: Jeff Reardon endorsed by MoveOn.org and Laborers Union

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Big news for Jeff Reardon - the David Douglas High teacher who is working to unseat Rep. Mike Schaufler in the Democratic primary.

Yesterday, the District Council of Laborers endorsed Reardon's candidacy. Why is this is a big deal? Well, from 1988 to 1996, Mike Schaufler worked as a rank-and-file member of the Laborer's Union - and has reportedly claimed to be a member in good standing throughout his last decade in the Oregon House.

In a statement, Kenny Morgan - the Secretary-Treasurer of Laborers Local 296 - had this to say:

"Laborer's Local 296 is supporting Jeff Reardon because he is a military veteran and a strong supporter of working people. We are impressed with his commitment to the issues that actually matter to our members like the need for apprenticeship and vocational programs to provide educational pathways for all Oregonians."

Greg Held - the business manager of the District Council - weighed in too:

"After looking at both candidates and spending time evaluating their records, the District Council of Laborers is happy to endorse Jeff Reardon. We need someone who will fight for the working people of Oregon, and Jeff Reardon will be a refreshing change in the Oregon legislature. In the end, Jeff was the clear choice."

On Tuesday, Jeff Reardon was endorsed by MoveOn.org.

You read that right - with millions of members nationwide, MoveOn has decided to get involved in a little legislative race here in Oregon. But, of course, being a bottom-up grassroots sort of organization, the decision to endorse Reardon was made by MoveOn members in HD-48.

From the statement:

The results are in: 98% of MoveOn members voting in Oregon's new 48th state House District decided that MoveOn should endorse Jeff Reardon in the Democratic primary.

Jeff Reardon will be a true champion for working families and will fight for family wage jobs, affordable health, the financial stability of the state, and in general, improving the lives of Oregon's 99%

But Jeff has a tough fight in front of him to knock off conservative incumbent Mike Schaufler. Rep. Schaufler has long been known for being the most conservative Democrat in the House, often siding with the Republicans on key votes. With the state House split 30-30, this is an absolutely critical race we need to win.

MoveOn will be organizing a big grassroots campaign - lots of canvassing and phone banking - to deliver the vote for Jeff Reardon. If you're interested, there's an organizing meeting today at 4:30 p.m. in downtown Portland.

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    Its time for people to stand up and be counted in this race. This is the way we can remind voters that their elected officials cannot escape being held accountable for their behavior by those who employ them (ie their constituents in their district) if such behavior is reported and good folk take action, so that voters have a choice.

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    There ought to me some minimum standard of ethics for legislators.

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