Mayor 2012: Jefferson Smith Hits the Air

Evan Manvel

To round out BlueOregon coverage of television ads, State Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-East Portland)'s first television ad has hit the air.

The ad, which reportedly cost only $1500 to produce, brings across Jefferson's earnestness, and introduces Smith to voters by emphasizing his connections to Portland, his civic commitment, his endorsement by the Portland Association of Teachers, and his success in supporting small business.

It's part of a suite of videos launched by the campaign this week, and a completely revamped website. The other videos touch on some of the big issues in the mayoral campaign - education, the CRC mega-highway, financial management skills, and jobs. Those ads are available over on the website, or on Smith's YouTube channel.

In more lighthearted campaign news, Street Roots' April 1st issue has a delightful mock interview with the three leading candidates. A sample:

Street Roots: How can we fix government?

Jefferson Smith: Government means democracy. I like to think of it as getting on a bus. And then riding that bus around Portland and Oregon and then getting people to vote, for, well, me. God, I am in love with democracy.

Eileen Brady: My family loves government. I love government. I’ve been trying to get into government for years. Yes to government.

Charlie Hales: I’ve made a lot of money in the private sector and I’ve spent even more while working in government. Yes to government.

Check out the whole piece.

Disclaimer: I've endorsed Jefferson Smith. I speak only for myself.


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