For love and equality, we support Eileen Brady for Mayor

By Dwight Adkins, Karol Collymore, Robert Goman, Judge Kemp, Bob Speltz, Roey Thorpe of Portland, Oregon. All six are long-time activists for equal rights.

We are supporting Eileen Brady for Mayor of Portland because we trust her dedication to equality and diversity.

We're all proud that Portland is at the forefront of LGBTQ rights, and our city has a great tradition of supporting our community. Eileen will continue this tradition of progress by forging real partnerships between the city and the groups and programs that protect our vulnerable populations- groups such as Q patrol and the Q Center.

Eileen has a proven record of fighting for workplace benefits for all people - at New Seasons, she ensured that health care was offered to everyone - part time workers, domestic partners, and children. New Seasons boasts trans-inclusive benefits. Eileen will also work to ensure diversity in our city government - most of all, in our police force, but also throughout every bureau of the city. Her hiring practices for staff will be reflective of the diversity of the community.

Eileen will be a strong advocate for anti-bullying policies, and she will ensure that such policies are in place at all city-supervised programs, such as SUN schools. Eileen will fight prejudice in the city on every front, and she will support programs that help LGBTQ youth so that they understand that it does get better - and that there is no place for homophobia, whether in the classroom or the playground.

Eileen is committed to the cause of marriage equality. Eileen is personally distressed that her daughter, who is engaged to marry her girlfriend this summer, legally can't get married in Oregon. She will work closely with Basic Rights Oregon, Q Center, and other advocates to ensure that full rights are given to all Oregonians.

Together, we can make sure Portland remains a place where acceptance, fairness, and diversity are our guiding principles.

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    Anti-bullying is a quality of life issue, and a rights issue, for all children, regardless of orientation.

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