HD-48: Women throw down for Reardon against Mike Schaufler

Carla Axtman

I'm starting to wonder if 2012 isn't going to be the year that women have an extra impact on the political landscape. Certainly, Mitt Romney and the GOP seem to have inspired women to run away from them in droves.

So, it would seem, has Mike Schaufler.

A group called "Women for Reardon" has been formed and includes some very high profile names from Clackamas and Multnomah counties, banding together to endorse Schaufler's opponent Jeff Reardon in his primary race for House District 48.

Supporters include former Governor Barbara Roberts, former Labor Commissioner Mary Wendy Roberts, Lori Miles Luchak-President of Miles Fiberglass, State Senators Ginny Burdick, Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward and Jackie Dingfelder, State Rep. Alisa Keny-Guyer, former Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris, Rose Holden, owner of the Oregon City Golf Club, and Annette Mattson, Reardon’s wife and a member of the David Douglas School Board.

The group issued a press release today stating that Reardon is the one candidate in the race clearly on the side of women "in the broad array of issues facing them today including women’s health care and reproductive rights, domestic violence, foreclosure relief, affordable housing, economic equity, environmental protection, education and other issues critical to women in particular."

As I've mentioned previously, Schaufler has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL in Oregon, despite some pretty horrible optics. The women endorsing Reardon said in their press release that they are "highly disturbed at recent endorsements Schaufler received from a number of organizations despite Schaufler’s flaunting use of campaign funds for bar tabs and personal expenses, his groping of a woman at a convention last year and his votes on the floor of the Oregon House where he often was the only Democrat to turn his back on working families while siding with banks and other corporate special interests".

Women for Reardon go on to note that Schaufler sides with big mortgage lenders, taking thousands of dollars from special interests while doing very little to actually create jobs. From lousy votes on education to being outright ridiculous on pro-environment legislation, Schaufler has built a horrible record in the legislature.

At the same time, the group says it believes Reardon will stand with women on these issues.

This group endorsement comes at an interesting time, given than Planned Parenthood's mailer for Schaufler hit doorsteps in the district this week. PPAO-Schaufler

I've personally felt compelled to tell Planned Parenthood that I can no longer support them due to their choice to endorse Schaufler. I also suspect a lot of other women in the area feel as I do. I suspect that NARAL and PP will have some work to do to recover with people after this primary is over.

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    I live in this district. However, with the notable exception of Reardon's wife, none of these "Women for Reardon" live in HD48.

    What this is really about is that Schaufler didn't drink the caucus Kool-Aid, and the D's are ready to throw him overboard. If Schaufler was a reliable, hard-core liberal like Senator Monroe or Representative Barnhart, this would never have been a story. The outrage is selective and reserved for those who step out of line as far as the FuturePAC is concerned.

    I don't doubt that several of the women on this committee are honestly upset with Schaufler and are forthright in their actions. However, IMO, the reason the Schaufler story ever got out to the public in the first place is because the House Democratic Caucus is trying to teach a lesson to other Democrats who might dare to think independently of the caucus. Otherwise, they would have "Goldschmidt'ed" it.

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        Hmmmm. So are you implying that Senators Burdick, Steiner-Hayward, and Dingfelder, as well as Rep. Keny-Guyer live in HD 48 instead of the districts they represent?

        My point.

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            Thank you. I respect your opinion. I disagree with you about Schaufler not representing the district well, but since I won't be voting for either one of them in the primary, your opinion counts for more than mine in a practical sense. My experiences working with Schaufler on legislation has always been positive. That was even before redistricting put me in his district.

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              I've had the exact opposite experience with Schaufler. So have many other women, which may explain a lot when it comes to this group of women speaking out.

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            Unlike Dena, above, your reply is neither eloquent, nor relevant. But your reputation as a demagogue proceeds you so I will ignore your attempt to lower the tone of the debate.

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      Gotta disagree Ken, on what this is about. This seems to be about a guy who went down to Salem as a blue collar "Man of the People" with the pickup and the 4' level in the gun rack. He's now stretching the limits on the use of campaign contributions, and is way past the limit with the groping and mashing. dems, unlike the new republican party in Oregon, are pretty tolerant of occasional dashes across the aisle. Gotta say I was a supporter for a long time, but he's left me behind.

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      I do not live in HD48, but I am a union-lover and watching Schaufler sexually molest a woman at a union event and then show no remorse for it 'turns me off' to him as a voter and disgusts me as a person. D's are more than pro-choice--we're about acknowledging that others are flesh and blood and not hanky-pank blow-up dolls to do what we will with.

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