HD-49: How pathetic is Matt Wand?

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This is hilarious. Chris Lehman, whom you'll often hear on OPB News, followed up on a story he did earlier in the spring - and the outcome is pure comedy.

You see, freshman state Rep. Matt Wand (R-Troutdale) tried to bounce the Democratic candidate, Chris Gorsek, right out of the race - by encouraging Democrats to write-in Wand's name in the primary election. After all, if Wand got more votes than Gorsek, he'd win the Democratic primary, too.

Cue Lehman:

It appears as though Wand's quest fell far short. According to the unofficial election results from the Oregon Secretary of State, there were just 88 write-in votes on the Democratic ballot in HD-49. We won't know for a few weeks just what those names are. But needless to say, even if every last one of them is "Matt Wand" it would be far less than the vote total for Gorsek--which currently stands at 2,326.

88 votes. After all that hullabaloo, Wand got 88 votes max. And that's not the best part. This is:

In fact, Gorsek's Democratic primary total far exceeds Wand's Republican primary total, which is currently 1,806.

That's right. Wand didn't even get more Republican primary votes than Gorsek got in the Democratic primary. (No word on how many Republicans wrote in Gorsek on their ballots. I jest.)

And actually, the really best part of all?

Matt Wand started the year with $25,099 in the bank. He's raised a fairly impressive $52,180 so far in 2012. But he's managed to spend a stunning $75,423 so far this year -- leaving him with just $6,151 in the bank after the primary. How does that even happen?

Upset alert!

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    Yes, we received a big glossy fold-out flyer as well as other pieces of mail on this write-in campaign. Very expensive, especially when you neglect to combine people in a household together. We received his mailers over the last few months even before the write-in campaign began. He always sends to everyone regardless of party, which gets pretty expensive in a primary.

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