PPP polling numbers in Oregon

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Well, we've finally got numbers from that PPP poll in Oregon over the weekend. So far, it's all straight hard-news political stuff. No word on any wackiness that I was hoping for. (My suggestion: Timbers favorables vs. Blazers favorables?)

Here's the toplines:

So, what explains Avakian's poor numbers? It's simple -- it's a nonpartisan race, and so the D/R identifiers aren't there. The power of those partisan markers is plain, especially noting that Buchal is in the same exact place as Cox (who ran for Governor in 2002) and Buehler's (who's been actively running for months, and was on the primary ballot.)

It's going to be critical for Democrats who support Brad Avakian to make sure that everyone knows that he's a Democrat and Bruce Starr is a Republican, if nothing else. (And there's much, much more that differentiates them, of course.)

PPP has also published crosstabs (pdf). I haven't had a chance to dig in yet. You find anything interesting in there?

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    Full disclosure: My firm built campaign websites for Kate Brown and Brad Avakian. I speak only for myself.

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    These are numbers I expected. I believe the Obama numbers will improve somewhat as Indies get to know Romney and his character as a jerk, and his "business record" as a corporate raider who loves to do leveraged buyouts of companies, close factories, fire workers, and profit from sending the jobs overseas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLo0Jwj03JU&feature=player_embedded

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    The "quirky" and other questions will follow in the next couple of days. They are released first on Twitter. This one today: Which is the favorite city of Democrats? Portland

    Republicans? Bend

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    Just got polled by an 'anonymous' outfit (when questioned, dialer said he wasn't given any info on who was sponsoring the poll). Started out fine with general Nov election questions, but a few minutes in the push-type questions started against Barker and for Castaneda. Couldn't get any info out of the guy so I declined to participate further. Nothing on the caller ID either.

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    This is potentially huge with consequences for the Dark Money Super PACs . The New York AG, Schneiderman, is pursuing investigation and potential lawsuits and prosecution of money laundering of secret donors foreign and domestic funneling money through the US Chamber of Commerce and Rove's front organizations to fund these Super Pacs and their Campaign Ads. http://t.co/RY4LFCOu

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    Ok, so I had to look at the crosstabs. Maybe it's just my inexperience with such things, but I found it a bit odd that 14% of those who identified as Very Liberal and 17% of those who identified as Somewhat Liberal had a Favorable Opinion of Romney. Likewise, 6% of each category actually chose Romney over Obama. I could see those folks going Green, but Romney? Really?

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