Susan Castillo resigns as State Supt of Public Instruction

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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo has resigned.

From her statement (pdf):

“I have accepted the position of Regional Vice President for Project Lead The Way, a non-profit national leader in STEM education beginning July 1, 2012. Accepting this position allows me to continue providing leadership for our school children on a national level. I’m excited to join an organization that is focused on creating inspiring learning opportunities for students in Oregon and across the country in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Last year, the State Legislature voted to abolish the job of Superintendent of Public Instruction. That change would be effective at the end of 2014, or earlier should Castillo resign. And now, here we are.

This comes right after the Governor appointed Rudy Crew to serve as the state's chief education officer. As noted by the O's Betsy Hammond, the Governor (who will now fulfill the constitutional and elected role of Superintendent) will appoint a deputy superintendent to manage the Oregon Department of Education. The deputy will report to the Governor and the chief education officer.

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    We have gone from an elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction to an appointed position. So instead of everyone in the state having the opportunity to vote, the appointment was made entirely in the backrooms. There was no public input in the actual process. The candidates were never vetted in public by answering questions or talking about their philosophy. No public comments were allowed at the meeting where he was chosen by the OEIB, even though its own rules seem to require it. Then, since he is appointed,I guess, his base salary is just short of four times that of the elected superintendent.

    And, he is allowed to keep some of his outside activities even though I would think it would be a full time job just getting around the state to the Prineville's, the Pendleton's, the Coos Bay's, and places which the ex-superintendent of New York and Miami would most likely not be familiar but would be making critical decisions in their local education practices.

    Not really what I would call good government. Pretty shabby.

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        Especially now that nearly all funding for local schools runs through the state budget process.

        I'm generally a fan of voting for our leaders, but given where we are these days in our policy and budget situation, voting on the schools chief feels a bit like voting on the prisons chief.

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          The key decisions on education take place at the local level, in the legislature, and in the Governor's office. Susan's office has not been where the critical decisions have been made.

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    Wow! Susan Castillo has made such a difference in the lives of all public school students, administrators, classified and certified staff. Oh wait, no she hasn't. I can't remember one thing she has done to affect public education in Oregon. Can you?

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