Schrader: Stop funding the war in Afghanistan

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The U.S. House is debating the Defense appropriations bill today. Included in the bill is $88 billion for operations in Afghanistan. 

Once again, Congressman Kurt Schrader is calling for a much-more-aggressive withdrawal - and the use of those funds to rebuild America. 

Here's what he said on the House floor yesterday:

No one has forgotten why we first went into Afghanistan. To root out and bring justice to those who attacked us on September 11, 2001. With extraordinary bravery our troops have accomplished the mission they set out to do over 10 years ago - Osama Bin Laden has been brought to justice and Al Qaeda has been largely crushed. ...

We can continue to defend ourselves from terrorists without tens-of-thousands of troops fighting a ground war in Afghanistan. The $88 billion put into Afghanistan by this defense appropriations bill could build our own infrastructure and help to create jobs and economic opportunity here at home.

You can join Schrader in calling for a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan by signing on to his petition here.

The vote in the House is expected later today. 


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