Have we seen the last of Gordon Smith?

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Former Senator Gordon Smith -- ah, it feels so good to say that -- was back in Oregon yesterday and gave the Oregonian's Harry Esteve an interview. In the interview, he indicated that he's got no plans to return to Oregon and run for office:

"When I went to Dorchester two years ago, it was essentially to say thank you and good-bye," Smith said. Although he may get the "call" to public service again, he said he's too busy -- and happy -- working in the private sector and living in the nonstop beehive of Washington, D.C., to think about running for anything. ... "It's just a time to do something different."

He also complained about the disaster that is the Oregon Republican Party - though he planted his flag in the "it'll come back around, eventually" camp:

"I wish there were a healthier Republican Party in the state of Oregon. And I think eventually there will be. These things tend to go in cycles."

Now that he's a high-powered lobbyist, life is good for Gordon Smith. After all, he's now got Teri Hatcher introducing him when he talks.

Why would he come back to Oregon?

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