Paul Ryan Coming to Oregon

Paulie Brading

On September 10th Paul Ryan is scheduled to arrive in Oregon. My bet is he will be fundraising for Romney and making an effort to swing voters who still have not made up their minds to choose Romney. Ryan Lyin has provided fodder for the last 24 hours of the news cycle. The media backlash regarding his speech at the Republican National Convention began immediently after the last words came out of his mouth. The media, including Fox news, denounced Ryan's whoppers after fact-checking his statements. A frenzy of "not so fast" Mr. Ryan, has broken out across the land. The reverberations to his lies continue much like Mr. Todd Ackin's remark gave the Romney/Ryan campaign a real jolt. The jolt is only the beginning. Expect polling numbers to give Obama a bump following the Republican Convention and another bump after the Democratic National Convention next week.

Why visit Oregon, a solid Blue State? Perhaps it was The Economist article mentioning the Romney campaign's desire to flip Oregon's electoral votes a couple of weeks a go. Perhaps Allen Alley believes in fairy tales. The Oregon Republican Party has splintered within Oregon. The Ron Paul and Tea Party factions are thumbing their noses at the Alan Alley style Republican and likewise the Alan Alley's are thumbing their noses at them. Think Art Robinson vs Jack Roberts as a contrast in belief systems within the Oregon Republican organization.

Ryan gave the most dishonest convention speech ever. Now he's on the way to Oregon to attempt to swing voters to Romney and raise money. Get your signs ready and give him an Oregon welcome.

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Hat Tip to Trent Lutz: Executive Director of the Oregon Democratic Party

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