RNC Day 3: Clint Eastwood Day

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For several years now, Republican yuk-yuks have been nattering about President Obama's use of a teleprompter. (Allen Alley, I'm looking at you.) Nevermind that just about every president and presidential candidates uses 'em. Nevermind that Mitt Romney uses 'em.

But after watching Clint Eastwood's "speech" at the Republican Convention - in which he didn't use the teleprompter - well, I think we all now know what can happen if you don't use one.

Oh, and in other news, some guy became the Republican nominee. I heard a rumor that he was a former Governor of Massachusetts, but I didn't hear any evidence of that in his speech.

Your thoughts? Reactions to the final night of the GOP-alooza?

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    I didn't subject myself to the punishment of the last night of RNC. However, it appears the Eastwood stunt was the takeaway headline, not Romney's mediocre and dishonest speech. When Wolf Blitzer of Foxlite TeaNN says the Clinster was an embarrassment I guess maybe he was.

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    Clint Eastwood thought #1: Empty suit talks to empty chair.

    Clint Eastwood thought #2: Rich white actor says what rich white nominee wants to "we own this country."

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    Flat ending to RNC with Eastwood stealing the show in the news. His rambling speech was painful to watch.

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    "It's just the conservative people by the nature of the word itself play it a little more close to the vest and they don't go around hot-dogging it."

    Yeah, like George Murphy. Like Ronald Reagan. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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    Millions of jobs? the Prison Industry is going to provide those jobs, in case anyone is wondering where they are coming from. wont it be great to build hundreds of prisons all over the country and then not fund them? Seems like another economic bubble plan.

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    Reaction to Clint Eastwood performance from Presidents Obama and Clinton: http://t.co/4m0PcHNs

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    NYTimes: Romney Reinvents HIstory in Speech: http://t.co/hTAXTJfh

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    TV viewership Numbers, not so much: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/08/31/fox-news-channel-beats-broadcast-again-in-final-night-of-coverage-for-rnc/146937/


    10-11PM Coverage

    FNC: 9,057,093 viewers (2,575,383 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, only down 2% in P2+ ABC: 4,442,908,000 viewers (1,612,407 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, down 26% NBC: 3,847,498 viewers (1,463,902 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, down 56% CBS: 3,729,691 viewers (1,506,553 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, down 30% CNN: 2,327,376 viewers (903,838 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, down 52% MSNBC: 1,876,459 viewers (625,712 in 25-54)

    Vs. ’08, down 25%

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    It's kind of sad. Clint's always been a hero since the Spaghetti Western days, and as a truly self made man I've not begrudged him his libertarian POV. He has always had the saving grace of mostly staying out the big political debate, discounting his stint as mayor of Carmel.

    Wish he'd stuck with that behavior. Last night was a negative footnote to his career as both an actor and as a director.

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    Not mine, but I wish it was:

    "This is a perfect representation of the campaign: an old white man arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama."


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