Two Huge Endorsements for Jefferson Smith: Sierra Club, Mother PAC

Evan Manvel

Two big endorsements in the mayoral race came out this week. Both are strong for Jefferson Smith.

First, the Sierra Club came in with a sole endorsement for Jefferson. This is particularly impressive, as the Club sat out the primary and sometimes makes dual endorsements (as it has in the Nolan-Fritz race). With Bike Walk Vote's previous endorsement, Jefferson has thus far swept the green group endorsements.

Excerpts from the endorsement:

Smith stood out for his strong environmental vision, history of environmental leadership, and as Mayor, someone we believe will be a champion of environmental issues important to Portlanders...

Jefferson Smith brings a clearer environmental vision and a stronger ability to mobilize people to action that will help keep Portland a great place to live, work, and raise a family...

Jefferson’s environmental leadership in the legislature also stood out, including co-leading the effort to pass legislation to expand school weatherization programs to save energy, protect the climate, and create jobs; his willingness to ask tough questions about the Columbia River Crossing bridge expansion; and his efforts on complex issues of water use and conservation.

Second, The Mother PAC weighed in. Mother PAC: "Our goal is to build an Oregon where today’s families can thrive. To do this, we need more pro-family elected officials." The endorsement is strongly for Jefferson. From their endorsement:

We left these interviews feeling strongly that one candidate looks at every issue he considers through an equity lens – which we think is the most important lens through which to view our city right now, especially for its leader. He understands that for Portland to be a truly great city, we must incorporate social sustainability into our way of doing business as we have done so well with environmental sustainability. He also thinks big and aims high – as do we.

This candidate is Jefferson Smith....

Jefferson is the candidate who is uniquely poised, committed and equipped to boldly and creatively attack the systemic inequities that face Portland families so that Portland is a great place for all of us. In other words, we think he’ll place social sustainability front and center for Portland, where it belongs. Once there, we believe our city will – as Jefferson says – work better and for more people.

Good news for Jefferson.

Disclaimer: I co-chair Bike Walk Vote, and support Jefferson.

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      What does that say about Hales? That he came in third with greenies and family interests, apparently. I always thought Brady had at least an even split with the enviros, possibly even an advantage over Jeff with them. But with Eileen out, it seems clear that the all-important green rec in Portland goes to Jefferson in the runoff. Which is big, IMO. MotherPAC feels important to me because it blunts some of the less female-friendly news stories running in the media lately. I don't mean that dismissively; only that sports rough housing, salty words and shaky driving are less likely be dismissed by women, in my perception. (Correct me if I'm wrong, female BlueO commenters). So I agree that the timing of MotherPACs very strong endorsement could not be better: they're focused on who will be the best Mayor for Portland families.

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    Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith Viiiiiiiiiictory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great news. They are able to see past all the nonsensical news items of late.

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