Jumping the Ship on Ryan's Budget

Paulie Brading

Political analyst Charlie Cook wrote that Ryan's Republican budget could be a "deathwish" for the Republican Party. Mr. Cook wrote those words over a year ago. Mr. Cook's words were prophetic. In today's New York Times Republican Congressional members and candidates are running away from Ryan's budget. Back home, voter's are telling these elected Republican's they want Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to stay just the way it is and to leave it alone. More and more R's are going on record against the Ryan budget even though they previously voted in support of his budget. With just under three months left before the Presidential election self preservation time has finally arrived for the Republicans.

Our country has lost revenue from the cost of two wars. We could be in for 5 wars if we are to believe Romney's hawkish statements at the convention. The country has lost revenue to off shore banking (thank you Mr. Romney). The country has lost revenue due the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy while the majority of American's have not seen a salary increase since Bush's presidency. The country has lost revenue because an increase in military spending. The vast military complex is grateful Mr. Romney.

The best thing besides the empty chair at the convention has finally happened. The Democrats who have proclaimed that Romney and Ryan want to gut Social Security and Medicare are finally receiving acknowledgement that they are indeed correct.

Next week's Democratic convention will offer a stark contrast. I can't wait! Best wishes to all the Obama delegates, espcially those friends from Oregon.

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    GOP remedy for economic insecurity = More and more economic insecurity for the middle class to pay for tax breaks for Mitt Romney. Vouchers now, vouchers forever!

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