Kate Brown: My first term & other video topics

T.A. Barnhart

Oregon Secretary of State took some time out of her day a while ago to give me a video interview. For a variety of reasons, it took me a while to get these done, but what she has to say remains relevant. These are 3 short videos, and, as always, what Brown has to say is worth listening to.

A few notes: This is my first time producing videos with the "infinite white" background. There are a ton of youtubes out there explaining how to do this; it ain't that easy. Especially when your studio (ie, my basement) is less than 7-feet high, with a huge pipe in the way. Second, in terms of which lens to use, how to set up the shot, etc. A work-in-progress. I wouldn't mind hearing people's feedback on the effect. One of the cool things about infinite white is the ability to add text & graphics in the white background; I'm looking forward to doing that.

Videos 2 & 3, on "Voting" and "Open Primaries vs. Top-2 Primaries" after the jump.

Kate Brown: Voting & Vote-by-mail

Kate Brown: Open Primaries vs. Top-2 Primaries

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    Some form of participation for minor parties in the Oregon primaries is coming. Both SoS Brown and Dr. Knute Beuhler are for it.

    And, more importantly, if the IPO achieves major party status, the two major parties will act fast. Probably by increasing the requirements to reach major party status, but including minor parties in the primaries so it doens't look like they are trying to keep their duopoly as the only major parties in Oregon.

    In August the IPO had 81,000 members. Up from 78,000 in July. If it adds members at a rate of just 2,000/mo, it will be a major party under current law within 24 months. That comes with a lot of perks and benefits, and a lot of unkown outcomes. Neither the D's, the R's, nor even some IPO's want that to happen. But it is coming.

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    Probably by increasing the requirements to reach major party status, but including minor parties in the primaries

    That doesn't seem to make sense, Rob.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but "major party status" just means that a party gets to run its nomination process through the publicly-funded primary election process.


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      Full disclosure: My firm built Kate Brown's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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      I think it depends on what changes would be made in order to include minor parties in the primary. Do the major parties still get their own ballots while the minor parties share one? Or does each minor party get their own ballot?

      And the fact that you get to be called a major or minor party itself has impact.

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        I meant to add....SoS Brown has been very considerate and thoughtful on this issue. But of course, the party regulars may have different thoughts.


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