Michael McShane nominated to federal bench; would be first openly-gay federal judge in Oregon history

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This week, President Obama nominated Judge Michael McShane to the U.S. District Court. McShane, 51, has been a Multnomah County Circuit Judge for the past eleven years.

He is openly gay, which would make him the first LGBT federal judge in Oregon history, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

McShane is a former public defender, but as the O's Aimee Green noted, District Attorney Mike Schrunk wrote a personal letter of recommendation for his nomination.

Both Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley support his nomination. From the statement:

“Judge Michael McShane is poised to be an excellent addition to the federal bench, and I couldn’t be more pleased by his nomination,” said Senator Merkley. “As one of Oregon’s most respected state court judges, Michael has a long track record that demonstrates his commitment to equal justice under the law. Widely known for his service to the community, he has made Oregon a better place. I look forward to working hard with Senator Wyden to get him swiftly confirmed.”

“The selection committee appointed by Senator Merkley and I did an excellent job of giving us a list of five distinguished and qualified candidates for the federal district court judgeship in Eugene that we proudly sent to The White House,” Senator Wyden said. “While I’m sure that it was a difficult decision, The President’s nomination of Michael McShane is an excellent choice. Michael’s background as a judge, a public defender and adjunct law professor makes this a well-earned appointment that I believe deserves quick confirmation by the Senate.”

McShane would fill the vacancy left by Judge Michael Hogan, who recently took senior status.


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