The 47% and Romney's Tax Plan

Steve Novick

I know the President's taken a lot of flack already for not bringing up the 47%, but I'm going to pile on. There was an obvious place to use it.

"Governor, you have attacked 47% of Americans for not paying income taxes. (Although, of course, as you forgot to mention, they pay lots of other taxes.) The experts say your tax plan only pencils out if you're going to raise some taxes on the middle class. How can you expect anyone in that 47% to believe you when you say you won't raise their taxes?"

That said - remember, anyone can have a bad day.

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    How can we comment on Mitten's Tax Plan when we have no reliable information to analyze for discussion?

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    We are all Monday morning quarterbacks. A number of commentators have said on that matter the President played it well by not providing an opportunity for BainMitt to make a public apology and tearfully say he really didn't mean it.

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    I agree with Bill. We are all Monday morning qbs. And if Pres Obama had started to play tit for tat and came across as aggressive as Robme, Faux News would have called it a sign he's really "an angry black man". I think he played it right. He was steady and focused.

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      The orchestration by Fox News, the Daily Caller, and ABC's Jake Tapper of the 2007 Obama speech they day before the debate was a set-up to trap the President into the angry black man label. He didn't step into it, but now he's the target of the white liberal for not being angry enough. The total deference given to Romney by the faux moderator Jim Lehrer helped make that disgusting display possible. Round 2 and 3 will be different with different expectations.

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