Chris Christie makes it clear: President Obama is the right guy in a storm

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When millions of Americans are without power and hundreds are still missing, it's a bit overwrought to inject presidential politics into the conversation. But that's exactly what FOX & Friends did Tuesday morning when they were talking to New Jersey Governor - and right-wing hero - Chris Christie.

But to his credit, Christie put 'em in their place:

And just in case anyone misunderstood what he was saying, Christie laid it out. This is must-see TV, folks:

This can't make the pinstripes at Romney HQ very happy. Here's hoping that things stabilize quickly in New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere in the northeast.

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    From the outside, I can only guess what informed Christie's approach. Perhaps he sees the extent of damage to his state and realizes that it will take strong federal response to make New Jersey whole, something not likely under a Romney administration. Video I've seen of him from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC suggest compassion and clear-eyed responsibility - more than I expected from what I had seen before.

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    Christie might be an abrasive guy but he's brutally honest about what he believes. No shock he'd call it as he sees it.

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    I wonder how much of it has to do with his intent to run in 2016. It would be pretty annoying, I'd think, if he would have to sit on his hands until 2020. Easier to run against a non-incumbent, and sure looks like he's bipartisan when it matters. Sorry if I come across as a touch cynical, but I've seen very little honesty without ulterior motives coming out of the Republican Party this year. I also clearly remember Christie's RNC speech as well. Very few people came away from that able to say that he wasn't campaigning for himself.

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    This was smart politically but also humanly resonant. At least he understands there is a place for government when people are most in need, and setting aside the partisan divide and rabid ideology may not play well with the GOP hacks, but I'll bet most Republicans, Indies, and Dems think it's what needs to be done. Most Republicans want FEMA despite what the tea baggers and Mitt Romney think. When devastation and despair hit and endanger life and property government needs to be there for every American.

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      Short addendum: I believe this catastrophic disaster coming at the conclusion of our Presidential and Congressional election cycle is an object lesson about the value of government, and the value that no community, no individual is expendable. We are interconnected and the statement by the President that "You are not alone, no one gets left behind." is a reminder of why government exists and what it means to belong to a nation bound together by common purpose and common destiny.

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