Crossing Party Lines

Paulie Brading

Jackson County voters have a clear choice for the only open position on the three member County Commission.

The Candidates:

D- Jeff Scroggin is a native Oregonian who joined the US Army Signal Corps in 2003. He was honorably discharged as a Staff Sargent in 2008. He graduated from the University of Oregon on the G.I. Bill. In 2010 Jeff worked as a field organizer for Forward Oregon and for Kitzhaber for Govenor Campaign. After the 2010 campaign, Jeff began as Chief of Staff for Oregon Senate Deputy Majority Leader, Dr. Alan Bates. He is intelligent, energetic and represents the next generation of Oregon leaders.

R- Doug Breidenthal is the former Chair of the Jackson County Republican Party. He is self-identified as a member of the Tea Party movement. He is endorsed by the FeedomWorks Oregon State Coordinator, Oregon Family PAC, Oregon Family Farm PAC and the Oregon Right to Life PAC. He is a fire fighter who works in Klamath Falls.

The Game Changer:

Enter R- Don Skundrick currently serving as one of three Republican County Commissioners who risked political reprecussions by endorsing D- Jeff Scroggin for County Commisioner. The other two R- Commisioners decided not to endorse either candidate, choosing to sit this race out. Skundrick is quoted in the Medford Mail Tribune, "In my opinion, I am recommending the person who will do the better job." Don is known far and wide as a smart independent thinker.

The LTE Firestorm:

Pages of LTE's supporting Jeff Scroggin and Don Skundrick are daily fare with just a few letters spouting taking our country from servanthood to sovereignty, (whatever that means) and supporting Breidenthal for County Commisioner.

I recently spoke to Commisioner Skundrick to personally thank him for endorsing Jeff Scroggin. He reminded me that I, as the former Chair of the Jackson County Democrats crossed Party lines to campaign for him and was outed by the Medford Mail Tribune above the fold on the front page. Who knew that was news?

While I generally share my Party's philosophy I feel comfortable choosing the best person over Party from time to time. Jeff Scroggin is the real deal. His opponent demonstrates little depth and as far as I can tell, hasn't had an original thought regarding Jackson County and our state. He's very good at repeating unsubstantiated Tea Party propaganda that rarely relates to the serious issues our commissioner's will face together.

Even Better!

Today the Medford Mail Tribune endorsed President Obama for another term!

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