Green Merkley

Carla Axtman

Green Merkley

Photo by Carla Axtman

As if you needed another reason to know that Jeff Merkley is a fantastic US Senator, strap in for one more: The Daily Beast ranked the most enviro-friendly members of Congress. Merkley came out #3 overall, and #1 in the Senate:

To find the greenest members of Congress, we started with the most recent annual scoring of legislators’ environmental records from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), homing in on the nearly 100 electeds who scored a 97 out of 100 or better. Then, because money makes the political world go ’round, we looked at donations from the oil, gas, and mining industries, to see if there were any so-called green politicians taking big dollars from potential polluters. To find out who was more likely to be beholden to environmental concerns, we also took into account donations from environmental policy and alternate energy interests, more likely to push for support for green legislation.

Our Senator rocks.

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