Senator Merkley's People-Powered Challenge: Ten for the Oregon House & Senate

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The Oregon House is tied up 30-30. The Oregon Senate features a Democratic majority of just 16-14.

And Senator Jeff Merkley is asking you to help build strong Democratic majorities in the Legislature. A couple of days ago, Senator Merkley kicked off his People-Powered Challenge.

Here's the deal: He's named 10 candidates - seven for the House, three for the Senate. And whichever of those candidates pick up the most donors between now and Sunday night on this ActBlue page will earn donations directly from his Opportunity & Renewal PAC. $3000 for 1st place, $2000 for second, and $1000 for third.

So far, 135 donors 152 donors have participated in the contest. You can participate here.

Here's the list of candidates:

Carl Hosticka

Jessica Vega Pederson

Ben Unger

Joe Gallegos

Brent Barton

Laurie Monnes Anderson

Chris Gorsek

Mark Hass

Geri Hauser

Shemia Fagan

It might be easy for Senator Merkley to invest all his time, money, and energy toward winning seats in the U.S. Senate. It's good to see him helping back here at home, too. And doing it in a way that encourages grassroots participation - and rewarding campaigns that fire up their supporters.

So, which one (or two or three) will you support? Donate now.

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