OR Legislature: All your jam packed goodness in one juicy post.

Carla Axtman

Grab your popcorn and strap in, Blue Oregonians. With a mere 11 days left until Election Day, legislative races are now in full tilt crazy mode.

Speaking of crazy, the Oregon Right To Life PAC have been busy little beavers, sending out fetus mailers in targeted districts, letting voters know about the anti-choice candidate who aspires to legislate half the population's wombs.



But wait, there's more!

Not to be left out, The Oregon Family Council wants to be sure that you know that Shawn Lindsay (R-Hillsboro) will happily work himself to the bone to ensure that marriage equality never exists in Oregon:

Anti-Equality Lindsay

Because of course, nothing says "I'll fight for Oregonians" more than denying a bunch of Oregonians the right to be married.

The obviously better choice in this race is Joe Gallegos, a native Oregonian who has extremely strong ties to the community. Weirdly, Lindsay released a new Spanish language ad yesterday, trying to out-Spanish Gallegos. It's called "Oigos Sus Voces", which I think means "I hear their voices" (Spanish speakers, feel free to correct me-I'm recalling from college Spanish which was--gulp--decades ago). I have every confidence that Lindsay does indeed hear voices. Just not the good kind.

Finally, there's Gary Coe. Click through to that link to learn more about Coe--who owns a predatory towing company that essentially robs people of their legally parked vehicle and then holds it ransom. A real charmer, that one. He's running for state senate against Mark Hass. A metric crap ton of cash is being dumped in the race for Coe.

Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian:

Although Hass's district has a 14-percentage-point Democratic registration edge and he has seemed well-entrenched, Republican challenger Gary Coe has now topped the $300,000 mark in fundraising -- compared to $137,000 for Hass (these numbers may not reflect current reality, since campaigns have seven days to report their receipts and expenditures).

What Mapes leaves out (and I can't understand why), is that Coe is being funded heavily by ultra-conservative PACs, the Leadership Fund and himself. There's no real grassroots support for this guy. Imagine that: nobody but rightwing PACs seeking power in the legislature want this guy who owns a sleazy business in the legislature.

Got more news on legislative races in Oregon? Please talk that up in comments. The more the merrier.

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    Carla, any predictions on the make-up of the legislature after this election?

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      Not at this juncture, Bill. I'm still getting the lay of the land for the races.

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      There were six races highlighted by Willy Week that are held by Republicans in the Portland metro area that could be flipped to Democrat. I think that we ought to win at least one or two of them. My guess would then be 32-28.

      Anybody else live in HD-30, currently represented by Shawn Lindsay? If Joe Gallegos could pull it off, that would be awesome, but it seems tough considering his late entrance to the race, and the amount of garbage mailers that I get nearly every @#$#@ day from Lindsay's campaign.

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        I moved a couple months ago and they still forward all the Shawn Lindsay mailers to my new address in Portland. I miss Rep Dave Edwards. But now happily in Keny-Guyer's district.

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    Gary Coe is the biggest pariah in this election. He must not be allowed anywhere near Salem. Visit http://towcoe.com and discover why Gary Coe is a threat to our families. He is unfit to serve in the Legislature.

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    If only they cared about the "right to life" of the born.

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    So disturbing to hear about these candidates...and in Oregon! Just shows that women's health care is at risk everywhere and even the local races couldn't be more important! Get out the vote!

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    Thank you for this email.

    For me, it is not JUST about choice. It is not JUST about marriage equality. It is also about providing family planning options to our neighbors. It is about providing affordable birth control and other needed health care services like regular checkups.

    People like Romney who want to get rid of Planned Parenthood, are so focused on abortion that they forget about the other 95% of what Planned Parenthood does which is to provide basic healthcare services for low income families.

    Please, vote with your brain and your heart.

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    Vote for Ben Unger!

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    This is a really important reminder that we can never take our rights for granted in Oregon.

    All these issues (choice, access to healthcare, equality in pay, etc) that were fought for by bold women in the 60's and 70's are back again. Get mad.

    For anyone who thinks women's health care issues aren't at risk in Oregon, think again. These legislative races could not be more important.

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