Responding to Idiocy and Flapdoodle

Paulie Brading

State Rep. Sal Esquivel- R who represents Medford and Bruce Hough founded Impact Marketing. Impact Marketing prepares advertising and helps with campaign fundraising. A recent ad buy by Doug Breidenthal, the Tea Party candidate for Jackson County Commissioner revealed Breidenthal has racked up a $45,420 deficit to win the commissioner seat. State election officials say the Scroggin campaign has a $4,507 balance. Breidenthal deficit-spends to buy an ad that takes aim at candidate D- Jeff Scroggin and attempts to minimize Scroggin's military experience. One Republican County Commissioner has endorsed Scroggin and the other two Republican Commisioners decided not to endorse either candidate preferring to sit this election out rather than endorse R- Breidenthal.

Scroggin was recently interviewed by a reporter from the Medford Mail Tribune regarding an attack ad paid for by Friends of Doug Breidenthal at 1214 Stowe Ave. --- the same address as Impact Marketing.

D- Jeff Scroggin has always been clear that he would not deficit spend or use attack ads. In statements to the reporter, Jeff Scroggin made clear that how an individual runs a campaign reflects how he will serve when elected. Scroggin also clarified he would not apologize for serving four tours of duty in South Korea as a staff sargent in the U.S. Army. He told the reporter "I'm proud of my service overseas. Breidenthal is wrong when he says military experience doesn't count as experience."

Scroggin said, "My opponent is into debt and stretching the truth. Why would the public expect you to act any different once you're in office?"

Impact Marketing needs to get it's head out of the sand. Independents, Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly support our Veterans. Impact Marketing clearly did not utilize focus groups to test their mudslinging message.

Hats off to candidate Jeff Scroggin for running a principled and truthful campaign. He has my vote.

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