AFL-CIO, DeFazio, and Multnomah Democrats endorse Save KPOJ campaign

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Lots of big news for the Save KPOJ campaign - as it's picking up steam, rather than slowing down. It's up to 8395 signers on the petition now, and just shy of 3000 fans on the Save KPOJ Facebook page.

Not only that, but three formal endorsements have come in, from the Oregon AFL-CIO, Congressman Peter DeFazio, and the Multnomah County Democrats.

Congressman Peter DeFazio:

Over the years, I've appeared many times on progressive talk radio station KPOJ. Now, the station's progressive talk format has been silenced and in its place Portland will have another sports only radio station. I'm a sports fan, but KPOJ made an invaluable contribution to our community by offering compelling progressive discourse. Referencing Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, don't distract the masses! Please join me in signing the Save KPOJ petition.

The AFL-CIO's Tom Chamberlain:

Our community relies on KPOJ, and on Carl’s local morning show. Our board passed a resolution calling on our organization to do whatever we can to bring back progressive talk radio to Portland, starting with sending a letter to local and national Clear Channel executives. I’d encourage every organization whose members listened to KPOJ to do the same, and work with us to bring back this valuable community asset.

And the Multnomah County Democrats:

The Multnomah County Democrats are shocked and dismayed at the disappearance of progressive radio, KPOJ AM 620 from the Portland market. For more than 8 years, KPOJ has provided the lone 24/7 progressive political voice in a market composed primarily of Democratic and progressive constituents.

The loss of the progressive format creates a void that no other existing Portland radio programming fills. Additionally, KPOJ provided direct community service via frequent PSAs, ads and guest spots that provided valuable, usable information to the progressive listener. We strongly support the return of progressive radio format to Portland.

We urge ALL interested individual, businesses and organizations to sign the petition as a first step in bringing progressive radio back to Portland and NW Oregon.

Meanwhile, Mike Papantonio - host of the Ring of Fire show, once heard on KPOJ - said on the Ed Schultz Show yesterday that there may be cause for legal action. He brings particular credibility, since he's the president of the National Trial Lawyers Association. Watch the video for his reasoning. I'm no lawyer, and I'm generally skeptical, but he makes a plausible argument.

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