Big turnout for GOTV weekend

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What a weekend. Up and down the state, Oregon Democrats rallied to get-out-the-vote and hit the phones and the doors.

Here's a clip from the Lane County GOTV rally in Eugene. Speakers included Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Jeff Merkley, Secretary of State Kate Brown, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, and Congressman Peter DeFazio.

Video credit to Lance Jacobs of Eugene.

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    Saturday I was out canvassing with my daughter for Chris Gorsek in East County. She has an awesome social studies teacher in Sellwood Middle School who has a service requirement (24 hours over several months) which includes things like food bank work or work with religious youth groups and also political canvassing -- he is very big on youth getting civically engaged. We got a big treat when we got back -- not only were the candidates there to rally the next shift -- Chris Gorsek and Shemia Fagan and Laurie Monnes-Anderson -- and Rep. Michael Dembrow who was on the doors to secure his ability to work in a majority, but also Sen. Diane Rosenbaum and Representative Suzanne Bonamici. It was an awesome line-up of women leaders for my daughter to meet and hear (she met Chris and Michael too). Shemia Fagan gave a pep talk that spoke exactly to service, about someone she had met on the doors who talked to her about how voting was her (the person's) chance to have a voice. I was also impressed by Bonamici, who focused like a laser on my daughter once I introduced them. A nice bit of serendipity.

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