Election night parties!

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Ah, election night. A chance to celebrate with the winners, and commiserate with the losers. Here's where it's all going down.

The main Democratic Party of Oregon event is at the Portland Hilton at 921 Southwest 6th Avenue. A number of campaigns will have separate events inside the building, including Kate Brown, Brad Avakian, Oregon House Democrats, SDLF, Basic Rights Oregon, and the Portland School Bond campaign.

Here are others:

This isn't a comprehensive list, so feel free to add more parties in the comments. The more the merrier!

(FYI, I've left off a handful of parties that are being held at candidates' homes, or for whom RSVP is required. Presumably they are directly inviting the folks they want to invite.)

Meanwhile, if you still need to drop off your ballot, check out the handy, easy-to-use, zoomable, searchable ballot dropbox map at dropsites.org provided by the Democratic Party of Oregon.

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