Open thread: Clackamas County

After all the insanity of the ballot-tampering scandal, what's going to happen in Clackamas County?

Will Charlotte Lehan and Jamie Damon hang on to win re-election? Or will the righties knock 'em off with John Ludlow and Tootie Smith?

Use this space to talk Clackamas County.

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    It looks like the voters simply had enough of politicos who thought the public were a bunch of rednecks and peckerwoods. Blatant arrogance bites the dust.

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    It looks like about 174,000 people voted for Obama or Romney in Clackamas couunty. Yet it looks like only 140,000 people cast votes in the county commissioner races. Obama won the county by 3 points. Is it safe to say Charlotte and Jamie lost because some Obama supporters didn't fill out their down ballot?

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