Smarting from defeat, House GOP ejects 3 of 4 leaders

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After winning a net six House seats in the 2010 election cycle, the House Republicans lost a net four House seats in 2012. And just as fast, their leader - Bruce Hanna - went from rockstar to chump in the eyes of his caucus.

Hanna had been hailed for his collaborative approach to joint leadership in the 30-30 House, earning plaudits as 2011 Statesman of the Year from the Oregon Business Association and the 2012 Public Official of the Year from Governing magazine -- alongside his Democratic counterpart, Arnie Roblan.

And while Roblan got a promotion to the Senate, it seems that House Republicans blamed him and (most of) his team for the whipping they took at the polls.

Tonight, after a closed-door meeting that lasted "for hours" the House GOP ejected Speaker Hanna, Leader Andy Olson, and Whip Tim Freeman from leadership. Deputy Leader Mike McLane was elevated to Leader, while Vicki Berger comes in as the Whip and Julie Parrish will be the new Deputy Leader.

Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun to watch!

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    I, for one, look forward to seeing Julie Parrish find a stunt to top her fort of BPA-free baby bottles in the 2011 session.

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    In that lineup, watch Vicki Berger. A six-term (now) veteran, she will now be responsible for facilitating the "partisan" delivery of her caucus on some of the most contentious votes.

    This will be interesting for all of us living in House District 20 (and beyond). It could either help a more mainstream approach (fostering collaboration/cooperation) or put her into some uncomfortable, unusual postions for 2014.

    Vicki has enjoyed the freedom to operate as a relative centrist. With this leadership post, it places her own 2014 campaign into a far different context than previous campaigns.

    I agree with Kari, pass the popcorn it will be an interesting Legislative Session.

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    Well that should suck the wind out of Olson's sails! This is huge for cannabis law reform, especially with the secret dispensary bill that Olson was working on with Don Morse. Yes, I expect it to be an exciting Spring!

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