Survey USA-Labor Commish: Starr pulls ahead

Carla Axtman

On Thursday, Survey USA released their latest poll, and the news is not so good for Democrat Brad Avakian. Republican Bruce Starr appears to have pulled slightly ahead.

The survey has Starr up by 2 points, 31% to 29%for Avakian.

The good news: 40% of the electorate is polling as still undecided in this race. Basically, people don't know who these guys are and aren't sure who to vote for. That means these last few days are crucial.

The very good news: the margin of error in this poll is +/- 4.3%, which means this thing is really a dead heat--and with some hard work Avakian will win.

Avakian is easily the best candidate. He's already been outstanding in the job. And there's a very long list of reasons why Republican Bruce Starr is a truly bad choice Labor Commissioner, not the least of which are some votes in the legislature that question his ability for the job--that he's only too happy to duck.

Because this is a lower information race, it's vital that progressives talk with their friends and with other politicos about Avakian. Share information about the work he's done. Post on your Facebook wall about why you're voting for him. Donate so that the campaign can get the word out.

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    People can phone bank from home via the DPO. Call Avakian's campaign for details. This weekend is crucial.

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    Rep. Chris Harker's campaign has gone out and knocked for Commissioner Avakian for the past three weeks. I'd encourage anyone with some time between now and election day to go to the DPO and make calls so we can make sure that Avakian prevails. There is also a rally and canvass tomorrow,

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    I talked to a guy who wasn't familiar with Brad but said he would vote for anyone running against Bruce Starr.

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    So 40% are totally ignorant in this race, don't know what the Labor Commissioner is or does. Maybe the committed are as well. The DPO needs to get on the stick with this one. Honestly, RWNJ right-to-work guy in state government??

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