OR Lege: Julie Parrish's weird Anti-Tuition Equity Flyer

Carla Axtman

Sources in Salem tell me that State Rep Julie Parrish (R-Tualatin/West Linn) was circulating this flyer around prior to Friday's Tuition Equity vote.

The hand written notes on the top, in case you can't read them:

"From the desk of Julie Parrish" (with her signature underneath, I guess)

The hand written notes along the right hand side:

"Colleagues: I'm sharing this on behalf of a constituent who wants us to be reminded of some of the more difficult issues created by a failure of the Federal government to do comprehensive immigration reform, which ends the patchwork being created by state governments."

The accompanying mug shot of a bad guy in the country illegally complete with a narrative on his rap sheet is there as well.

Can someone please explain to me what this has to do with giving the children of undocumented immigrants (who go to school here already and whose parents are very likely paying taxes) paying equal tuition rates?

And if it's not meant to be against tuition equity, then why in the world do you circulate it before the vote?


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