Netroots Nation: Starring Jeff Merkley, with an assist from Elizabeth Warren

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I'm just back from four days at Netroots Nation, the annual conference of progressive activists. This year, the star attraction was our very own Senator Jeff Merkley.

Senator Merkley was the opening keynote speaker, participated in two panel discussions (Wall Street reform and filibuster & campaign finance reform), and was the highlight of the DFA/ActBlue "Meet the Candidates" event.

This was his fourth time in attendance (his third as a Senator) - and I can report that we've gone from "Jeff Who?" to excitement and enthusiasm from the thousands of activists on site.

On the jump, I've got video of his big speech, and links to the panels, but if you watch just one thing - watch the comments made by Senator Elizabeth Warren when she introduced her "mentor and friend" Jeff Merkley.

One thing's crystal clear: the biggest star in our party right now (with the possible exceptions of Presidents Obama and Clinton) is a huge fan of Senator Merkley - and will likely be putting her considerable throw-weight behind his re-election campaign, should he need it.

Check out the panel discussions on "too big to fail" and fixing our democracy.

And here's Senator Merkley's keynote address:


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