OR Lege: Dead Bills, Live Bills and Hostages

Carla Axtman

Last week was the deadline for bills to get out of committee, and some real stinkers managed to die a well-deserved death:

HB 2963 - Sit Lie Revival Bill

HB 2624 - Cougar hunting with dogs

HB 2595 - Crime of Interfering with Forest Management (Protests)

Good riddance.

On the House side this week:

The k-12 budget is moving. $1 billion more for schools, finally reinvesting after 5 years of cuts.

Republicans continue to refuse to come to the table to negotiate on the PERS/revenue compromise proposed by the Governor. They're still pushing for more cuts to PERS (which stand a good chance of being overturned in court). This appears to be the hill they're willing to die on.

HB 3194: This is a public safety bill for more money into community corrections and other programs. Final details on this have been completed. Basically, this is intended to slow the growth of spending on jail beds by investing more up front to combat crime and help keep people from re-offending. This proposal has bipartisan support.

The hostage crisis carries on: Republicans continue to block $2 billion worth of funding for senior services and health care, as well as the thousands of jobs statewide that depend on that funding.

On Wednesday, the House Rules Committee will consider HB 3390, a statewide paid sick days proposal similar to Portland's new ordinance

On the Senate side:


Floor Vote on HB 2950, which allows bereavement leave for employees

Floor Vote on HB 3400, a 'Buy Oregon' bill that allows Oregonians to see amount of contracts going to Oregon businesses

Floor Vote on HB 2801, establishing Home Energy Performance Scores


Final vote to concur w/House amendments on SB 692, home product energy efficiency standards

Senate Floor Vote on HB 2783, setting limits on animal tethering


Senate Rules Committee will consider the Treasurer's Student Opportunity Fund

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