My Adidas lay down law from state to state...

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Adidas America, based right here in Oregon, has endorsed the marriage equality campaign.

From the statement by Adidas America VP Paul Ehrlich:

Marriage is an important, individual choice that should be extended to everyone. It is time to recognize this important human right by affirming the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Oregon. Inclusion and diversity are important tenets for our company and employees and we want to extend those values across this state. We are proud to support Oregon United for Marriage in its campaign to extend the freedom to marry to loving, committed couples, no matter their gender.

For years, most of corporate America has refused to take positions on social issues, living by the maxim made plain by Michael Jordan in 1990, when he refused to endorse the African-American mayor of Charlotte in his campaign against the racist Senator Jesse Helms: "Republicans buy shoes too."

Which is exactly why this is such a big deal. It wasn't that long ago that marriage equality was seen as a fringe issue on the left. Heck, even President Obama wasn't there until last year.

Today, major corporate support signals that marriage for everyone is a mainstream concern -- making a huge difference to the freedom to marry, all across America.

Columbia Sportswear is in. Adidas America is in. Your move, Nike.


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