Seattle gets some socialism

Carla Axtman

Well...looky here.

Joel Connelly, Seattle PI;

Seattle City Council candidate Kshama Sawant, a “Socialist Alternative” insurgent, has unseated four-term incumbent Richard Conlin, with the latest batch of mail-in ballots nearly tripling Sawant’s lead to 1,148 votes.

A year ago, Sawant was running against the Legislature’s most powerful Democrat, House Speaker Frank Chopp, charging that the “Democratic Party-majority government” had slashed billions from education programs while bestowing tax exemptions on “rich corporations.”

Apparently, Sawant's victory has sent the existing city council members to the fainting couch, desperately complaining about such things as unpredictability and a lack of consensus on the council. Poor things. How will they ever survive?

Good for Seattle. I hope Sawant goes in there and turns their little world upside down. Then she can relocate to Washington County and do the same thing with our county commission, which could use a little trembling before the voters, too.

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