BREAKING: Mitt Romney wins! Wait..what?

Carla Axtman

Oh Republicans, you're so cute when you start doing polling to try and influence elections. Especially when you say stuff like "It's Mitt Romney's race to lose". That way when you really do lose, we get to point at it months later and make fun of it.

Tee this one up for that list, too.

Republicans from the state that gave us Duck Dynasty, a governor who is actually Kenneth from 30Rock and taxpayer funded parochial education are polling the US Senate race in Oregon:

Magellan Strategies BR, a Republican polling firm out of Louisiana, said a new survey shows that 33 percent of Oregon voters think Merkley should be re-elected while 43 percent say it's time for a new person.

Merkley has generally been regarded as being in strong position for re-election, in part because Oregon has not elected a Republican in a statewide race since 2002 (when Sen. Gordon Smith won re-election; Merkley defeated Smith in 2008).

The new poll didn't include any head-to-head matchups with Merkley's Republican rivals, who include state Rep. Jason Conger of Bend and Portland pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby.

Besides the ridiculousness of a Republican polling firm from Louisiana coming in here to autodial poll people, there's the poll data itself. A quick look shows that they polled 2039 Oregonians, 49% of whom voted for Mitt Romney with only 43% having voted for Obama. Obama kicked Romney's ass in this state by 12 points.

Not exactly a representative sample.

Go home, Magellan Strategies BR. You're drunk.

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