Seasons Greetings from NSA

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You better watch out
You better not pry
You better not doubt
I’m telling you why

NSA is coming to town

We’re making two lists
You’re friend or you’re foe
And we can send you
To Guantanamo

NSA is coming to town

We know who you’ve been phoning
We know all your websites
We know what you’ve been looking at
You’ve given up your rights

So, you better shut up
You better not whine
You better not think
That’s a very bad sign

NSA is coming to town

We see you when you’re marching
We know when you protest
We take your picture in the streets
So smile and look your best!

Oh, we’ve got your e-mails
We’ve got all your calls
We’re reaching for more
Hold on to your balls

NSA is coming to town

You’ve nothing to fear
You’ve done nothing wrong
Just keep your eyes closed
Keep singing this song

NSA is coming . . .
Yes, our geeks keep plumbing . . .
NSA is coming . . .
All our wires are humming . . .
NSA is coming . . . to town!

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