If Oregon is going to make the Washington Post, this seems a good way to do it

Carla Axtman

How much does it suck to be Art Robinson right now?

A lot, according to the Washington Post's Niraj Chokshi:

In a short item over at The Oregonian, Christian Gaston highlights a strange legislative trend in that state: “an exodus of Republican lawmakers leaving at the end of next year.”

The piece is nominally about Rep. Wally Hicks (R-Grants Pass), announcing he won’t be seeking another term, but right at the end Gaston lays out a surprising statistic:

More than a third of the House Republicans have announced they will retire from public office or are seeking another office. Democratic turnover has been much lower, with 14 percent of members moving on.


So goodbye Wally Hicks, we hardly knew ye. And rumor has it that John Huffman is probably on his way out, too.

(And congrats to Christian Gaston for getting picked up by the Washington Post.)

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